SBI A Cleaner Future



Unique Technologies:  Incorporated in 1998, SBI is an Alberta company that has developed world-class environment-friendly renewable energy technologies .SBI has patented integrated proprietary  HYDROGEN FREE Catalytic Process for Renewable Bio-Jet Fuel, Renewable Diesel, Biodiesel and Glycerol production technologies that use no water, no hydrogen, generates no waste, recovers/recycles energy, and is feedstock neutral. It has been recognized  by   Biofuels Digest   as one of the  "Thirty Most Transformative Technologies of 2010 ″  .


Professional Staff: For the past 15 years SBI has been supplying its multinational clients with reaction-specific catalysts, novel manufacturing processes and advanced pharmaceutical building blocks, reaction-specific catalysts and green manufacturing technologies. Cumulatively, SBI staff, the majority professionals with  advanced scientific or engineering degrees, has over 160 years of industry experience in pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, cosmetics, petroleum products & technologies.  


Highest Quality, Lowest Cost Products: The SBI CGC (Continuous Green Catalyst) coupled with the PICFTR (Process Intensification & Continuous Flow-Through Reaction) and processing technologies can produce Bio-Jet-Fuel, Renewable Diesel, Biodiesel, and high grade Glycerin at the fraction of the cost, space and energy required by existing technologies.

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Mission Statement 

We are committed to the production of environmentally friendly renewable fuels that are financially sound alternatives to petroleum based fuels. Renewable biofuels,  produced in a sustainable manner will provide the benefits demanded by our challenged physical environment.

Investment Opportunities 

SBI Bioenergy inc. is offering a unique opportunity for investors looking for a strategic long term partnership with a world class renewable energy technology company.